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Experience the future of beauty with our comprehensive range of services, including cutting-edge laser hair removal, rejuvenating skin care, and transformative body contouring.”

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Know About Our Medical Spa

Experience Leading-Edge Laser Hair Removal in Surrey

Our Medi Spa leads the way with the latest LightSheer Laser System and the world’s most advanced XC laser system. Our expert team is trained at The American Institute, offering in-depth knowledge of hair growth and skin physiology. We provide a professional and caring atmosphere, where we listen to your concerns and educate you on all treatment options.

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Our Featured Services

Our featured services consistently achieve high levels of satisfaction. From skin rejuvenation to advanced laser treatments, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. Experience our excellence and discover a new you.

Laser Hair Removal

There is a better solution for removing unwanted hair.


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Fat Dissolving Laser

Lipo-Laser is safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment.

Nail Fungus Removal

Transform your nails! Try our trusted solution for nail fungus removal.

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LED light facial

Lumi 8

Simulate collagen formation Facial System

Noblerex K-1

Powerful Body Stimulation Achieve better fitness with minimal effort.

Radio Frequency

Body Contouring, Facial Sculpting, Skin Tightening

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Why Choose New Look Laser Medi Spa

New Look Laser Medi Spa in Surrey is your premier choice for laser hair removal and medi spa services. With cutting-edge technology, experienced professionals, personalized care, and a commitment to safety, we ensure your treatments are effective and tailored to your unique needs. Our results-driven services, relaxing environment, affordable pricing, and convenient location make us the ideal destination for enhancing your beauty and well-being. Join us to experience the difference and embark on your journey to a new you today!

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We have been operating since 2010. Our technicians have over 20+ years of total experience in the industry.
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Customer Service

Each and every customer is important to us and we strive to provide the most comfortable experience during your time with us.

Best Results

With our certified and experienced technicians and state of the art machinery, you can expect to achieve great results.
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